KPB Garden at Pierson Street

1822 W Pierson St, Phoenix AZ 85015

Getting to the Garden

Over the past ten years, [The Keep Phoenix Beautiful]  board had led us through a dramatic transformation that has made us one of the top affiliates in the Keep America Beautiful network, which hosts 640 affiliates across the country. As a local affiliate, we are celebrating our 35th Anniversary this month and have a lot to be thankful for.

Many will recently remember us as the organization who managed the Phx Renews site, a 15-acre community garden at the corner of Central Avenue and Indian School Road called Phoenix Renews. This project was actually a vision of Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, who charged us with finding temporary uses for vacant lots. While the project was a huge success, it was temporary and as a result, we vacated the land this year [2017].

We continued our garden activities at two new locations, 1822 W. Pierson and Mountain View Park at 7th Avenue and Dunlap. Our Pierson location is only an acre, but with help from our Landscape Architect Valerie Ahyong (who also designed Central & Indian School), we are utilizing every available inch of the property. The owners of the property, Vivo Development, had no immediate plans for the site. As a result, they tore down two undesirable abandoned houses and cleared the site for our use. Now it has an opportunity to bring new life. We will initially have 40 community garden beds as well as educational opportunities, scout projects and compost and recycling projects.

(adapted from this opinion piece: A Moment to Celebrate: Keeping Phoenix Beautiful for 35 Years)

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