Special Event Recycling

Keep Phoenix Beautiful: Your partner for creating a successful “green” event.

KPB is dedicated to environmental responsibility in everything we do.  One example of this commitment is our approach to helping groups and organizations who are planning special events!

One of the ways we help is to loan your organization recycling stations for use at your special event.  With support from Anheuser Busch and the Hensley Company, Keep Phoenix Beautiful will loan your organization the use of our recycling containers for your special event. , We ask that you return them to us in clean and in good condition so we may loan them out again. As each container has a value of approximately $125.00, every lost or damaged container there will be a replacement charge of $125.00.

We also want to give you some suggestions of what to do with the recycled material that you collect. From small gatherings to large events there are several alternatives.

Small events: Take bags home and empty bags into your home recycling container. After emptying, throw bags into garbage as they are not recyclable.

Large events: For larger events a dedicated dumpster for recyclables in addition to trash is recommended. There are several sources for these including:

City of Phoenix Public Works Department:  602-262-7251
Waste Management: 602-268-2222
Republic Services/Allied Waste: 602-237-2078

For more info, please call 602-262-4820.

Large Scale Events who used our recycling containers - Komen Phoenix, PF Changs Marathon, Moon Valley Grasshopper 5K, Phoenix10K, Walk to End Alzheimer's 2012.

 Below are the required forms for borrowing containers. Please fill out one or both of the loan forms, and remember to return to this page and log your event data. 

          1. Trash Bin Loan form
          2. Recycling Bin Loan form
          (After your event please fill out form 3)
          3. Post-Event loan form

 1. Trash Bin Loan form


2. Recycling Bin Loan form


After your event please fill out the Post-Event loan log.