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Education Outreach

Recycling Assembly

Education is one of Keep Phoenix Beautiful's main pillars of engagement. This pillar is enforced by the organization's FREE education program. KPB's education team visit schools, businesses, neighborhood associations, and many other groups around the Phoenix area to teach all things sustainability. For over a decade the education program has grown to consist of  various in-person and virtual presentations and modules. The resources offered cover several topics including recycling, water conservation, littering, gardening, composting, community beautification, and overall sustainability.

Currently, our education program is undergoing a transition period. We've simplified our presentation offerings to aid in this transition! If you have a topic/presentation in mind that you're not seeing here, send us an email and we can work together to make it happen!

In-Person Programming

KPB’s in-person educational programming consists of three different presentation series with presentations that can be adapted for almost any grade level. Schedule a presentation with the education team today!

Littlest Recycler Series

Quick recycling presentations with KPB's recycling dino, Recyclesaurus! These are perfect for first grade and below. 

  • Recycling with Recyclesaurus

Recycling Expert Series

This presentation series gets up close and personal with Phoenix recycling. Great for all ages!

  • Recycling Boot Camp

  • The Three R's

  • Virtual MRF Tour

Green Outside Series

Learn best practices for gardening in the Sonoran Desert. These presentations provide resources on planting, watering, and even composting.

  • Backyard Gardening

  • Backyard Composting

  • From Landfills to Composting

*Presentations may be requested ala carte or as a series.
Please specify in the request form at the bottom of the page.


Online Modules

Each learning module below contains a lesson plan, an accompanying video, and various resources such as follow-up articles, websites, games, and other activities. Most of the online modules have been adapted from the in-person presentations above. These modules are a perfect jumping point for teachers that want to include green education into class curriculum. All modules are completely adaptable for different classrooms. Below you will find a list of our online modules and links to FREE resources on each topic. Request digital materials for full online modules.

Litter in Your Community

Exploring the causes of litter and proper litter prevention.

Recycling Basics with Recyclesaurus

Your students get a call from Recyclesaurus. What do your students know about recycling in Phoenix?​

Keep America Beautiful: A Good Start to Sustainability

You’ll receive Poetry In Motion Video, Lesson Plan, Activity, Game Litter Evaluation Bag Video, Lesson Plan, Game —Content shared from Keep America Beautiful and supplemented by Keep Phoenix Beautiful

Water Awareness

How much water do we have? How can we use less of it? Let’s find out.​

Re-thinking with Recyclesaurus

We are thrilled to announce our newest module where Recyclesaurus explores Reducing at home, Reuse crafting, and tours the Recycling facility! In this module you’ll get the items below. Fill out the request for today!

Keep America Beautiful: Beautification in your Neighborhood

You’ll receive Blindfold Surprise Video, Lesson Plan, Recycling Info Sheet Links, Game, Puzzle Keeping My Town Beautiful Book, Activity —Content shared from Keep America Beautiful and supplemented by Keep Phoenix Beautiful

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Learn why recycling ISN’T the most important “R” in the Three R’s.​

Keep America Beautiful: Green and Beautiful

You’ll receive Keep It Beautiful and Green Video, Lesson Plan, Game, & Puzzle Marina and the Beanstalk Video, Vegetable Planting Calendar, Ten Steps to a Successful Vegetable Garden —Content shared from Keep America Beautiful and supplemented by Keep Phoenix Beautiful

Request an Educational Presentation

Thanks! Our education team will get back to you shortly!

*Presentations may be requested ala carte. Please specify in the last box if you would like to request a series of presentations.

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